Your Residency

Here you can share what you did for your One Minute Residency, take as long or short a time as you like. Remember that a OMR is whatever you want it to be. Feel free to give a link to images if you have them, a written account or whatever. If your already an artist or have a website I can include these links. Email me at rennicksstephen at and I will put it up.


‘Homage to Barn by Thomas Demand’ by Stephen Rennicks on 1/6/11.

Just to get the ball rolling, give an example and create a possible template for this page which you might want to follow I thought I’d take a One Minute Residency myself. I’ve always liked the work of Thomas Demand, reminding me to always look closer. Barn (1997) is my favourite work of his and I have many times thought of it when in my own sheds and seen the light coming through the doors. I tried shooting this hand held first but found I needed to set up a tripod and timer before I got a reasonably shot of it in natural light. I never noticed the details before of this obviously homemade door which tells its own story about the practical and frugal ways of the previous owners of my 100+ year old house. I may never see this everyday object in the same way again now! You can read more about Barn at this link.


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